1868 D : Architect’s etc Directory 1868
A : The Architect
Ant J : Antiquaries Journal
AH : Architectural History
AJ : Archaeological Journal
AR : Architectural Review
Arch : Archaeologia
Arch J : Architects’ Journal
ASE : Anglo-Saxon England
Attr Attributed
B : The Builder
BA : British Architect
BAL/MSS : British Architectural Library Manuscripts and Archives
BE : Buildings of England, Sussex (i e N Pevsner and I Nairn, 1965)
BE(E) Buildings of England, Sussex: East (i e N Antram and N Pevsner, 2013)
BN : Building News
BNJ : British Numismatic Journal
CB : Church Builder
CBA : Council for British Archaeology
CBg : Church Building
CCC : Council for the Care of Churches (now Church Buildings Council)
CCL : Church Crafts League
CL : Country Life
CDG : Chichester Diocesan Gazette
CDK : Chichester Diocesan Kalendar
CM : Church Monuments
DSGW : Directory of Stained Glass Windows
Eccl : Ecclesiologist
EG Ecclesiastical Gazette
EH English Heritage [Listings]
ESDBB : East Sussex District Blue Book
ESRO : East Sussex Record Office
ET : Ecclesiology Today
GGJ : Georgian Group Journal
GM  : Gentleman’s Magazine
GRI : Goodhart-Rendel Index of C19 Churches
HC : Historic Churches
ICBS : Incorporated Church Building Society
JBAA Journal of the British Archaeological Association
JEH : Journal of Ecclesiastical History
JSAH : Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (USA)
JSG : Journal of Stained Glass
JSMGP : Journal of the Society of Master Glass Painters
KI : Sir Thomas Kendrick’s index of English C19 stained glass
K[PO]D/L : Kelly’s [Post Office] Directory for London
K[PO]D/S : Kelly’s [Post Office] Directory for Sussex
LBPB : Lewes Borough Poll Books
LPOD : London Post Office Directory
MA : Mediaeval Archaeology
NADFAS : National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies
NFSHCT : Newsletter of the Friends of the Sussex Historic Churches Trust
PB 1837 : East Sussex Poll Book, 1837
PBA : Proceedings of the British Academy
PD : Pigot’s Directory
PP 125 Parliamentary Paper 125, 1875 (see note on Sources)
Proc RIBA Proceedings of the Royal Institute of British Architects
RA Royal Academy
RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects
RIBAJ : Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects
SAC : Sussex Archaeological Collections
SCM : Sussex County Magazine
SH : Southern History
SJ : Sculpture Journal
SNQ : Sussex Notes and Queries
SPAB : Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
SRS : Sussex Record Society
TAMS : Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society
TCA : Twentieth Century Architecture
TMBS : Transactions of the Monumental Brass Society
TNA : The National Archives
TSJ : Thirties Society Journal (now TCA)
V : The Victorian
VCH : Victoria County History
WS : Walpole Society
WSRO : West Sussex Record Office
WWA : Who’s Who in Architecture