Brighton and Hove – All Saints, Compton Avenue

All Saints was started in 1847 to the design of R C Carpenter (ICBS).  It was built under the patronage of the Wagners, while Carpenter was also building St Paul’s for them.  Both churches were flint-built and in the Decorated style.  All Saints differed from most churches built by the Wagners as it served a newly developed and reasonably well to do residential area and was not a mission to a slum district.

It was not opened until 1853 and the intended tower was never built, though it was a sizeable building with a seven-bay nave.  The arcades were tall and the chancel had a boarded roof.  The fittings were plain (ibid) and money was probably always short.  Despite damage in World War II the church remained in use until it was sold and demolished in 1957.