Camber – St Thomas

The largest settlement and now the centre of the parish of East Guldeford is on the coast at Camber, which developed as a small resort because of the fine sands.  A mission church dating from 1906 (Elleray (2004) p15) was destroyed in World War II and services were being held in the memorial hall in 1953 (ESRO Par 526).  Plans for a new church were made in 1955 by L K Hett (ICBS) and it was completed the following year.

Built of brick and tile, the church has leaded side-windows and dormers above them, with a boarded tower, which also serves as entrance.  The church is as firmly conservative in design as it was possible to be at the date and the interior in particular is no less pleasing because of this.  It resembles nothing so much as a barn, and is effectively a single space, divided lengthways into four bays by timber posts which support an arch-brace roof.


Altarpiece: Painted triptych, probably dating from the rebuilding or soon after.
Font: Small alabaster and octagonal, with the bowl on a slender stem.