Eastbourne – St George, Dacre Road

Very little is known about this relatively short-lived church, in particular the identity of its architect.  The land on which it was built was given in 1892 (ESRO Par 529)  but the church was not consecrated until 1916.  Possibly it was built in stages and only consecrated when complete or there may have been initially a temporary church, a frequent occurrence.  It still stood when the first edition of Pevsner appeared but, like some other churches in the town, is not included.

According to diocesan records, following the approval of a scheme for demolition and sale in 1975, the church was replaced by housing.  If it was built as an entity, the date of its construction might suggest it was modest, but from Elleray’s description ((2004) p20) it was quite substantial.  It was gothic in style and built of brick, with a tower bearing a low spire and a canted chancel.  The patriotic dedication night seem unsurprising at its date of consecration, but appears to have been determined when a new church was first mooted.


Glass: Single lights by H Easton and A E Buss, 1953 are now in the parish church of St Mary (www.stainedglassrecords.org).