Horsham – St Leonard

The low brick-built church was built in 1939 and its dedication recalls the nearly St Leonard’s forest in which there was a mediaeval chapel.  There is of course no other link with the present church.

The church has no aisles, but the small round-headed windows are set high like a clerestory.  A tower was placed over the entrance on the north side, though it is very short and it is possible that it was intended to be higher, though it is surmounted by a curiously proportioned broach spire, with a very flattened base.  The white-painted interior is very plain and has a plastered barrel-vault over the nave.  This is separated from the three-sided east end by an arch with an almost elliptical head.  The western part of the nave can be partitioned off to form a hall.

My thanks to Nick Wiseman for the photographs

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