Horsham – St Mark, North Heath Lane

When the original St Marks at Carfax was pulled down, its dedication was transferred to a new church in the northern part of the town.  This was built in 1988-90, by J C T Warren of Architectural and Planning Partnership, a local firm (CBg 23 p42).  It is planned in what he called an ‘evolutionary style’, centred on a squat tower placed diagonally across the west end with a tall broach spire reminiscent of mediaeval ones in this part of Sussex.  The main part of the church is flanked by transepts of triangular plan.  The upper part of the main body of the church consists of a continuously glazed clerestory, punctuated by what are in effect flying buttresses. The clerestory is continued round the three-sided east end.  The effect is intended to recall perceptions of a church in an earlier age, leaving no doubt about the purpose of the building.


1. Five-light window by C E Kempe, 1902.
2. (Side chapel) Mayer and Co, 1888.
Both were brought here from St Mark, Carfax.
Remainder: Other fittings are in light wood and date from the time of construction.


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