Robertsbridge – Mission Room

The large village of Robertsbridge has an attractive main street, especially since a bypass was built.  Probably because the original  settlement was around the onetime Robertsbridge abbey, close to the parish church of Salehurst, the village has never had its own church.  The inconvenience of this led to the building of a mission room in a lane leading off the main street.  This was opened in 1904 and cost £1420 (BN 86 (28 Oct 1904) p xvi).  It is a featureless brick building, now whitewashed and resembles a typical parish hall of the period.  Set into the wall by the entrance is a well preserved vaulting boss, which presumably comes from the abbey. The stiff leaf on the boss and the presence of dogtooth on the start of the ribs show it to date from c1200.