Worthing – Emmanuel, Brougham Road

Built in 1910 as a chapelry of St George in the expanding eastern part of Worthing, the original church survived the building of its successor and was used as a parish hall.  Though apparently prefabricated, it was designed by an architect of some note, F R Farrow (Elleray (2004) p56).  Its replacement to a design of J C L Iredel (WSRO Par 221A/4/6) was started in 1975 and consecrated a year later.  It was an octagon of brick with a cross at the apex of the sloping roof but there was nothing resembling a tower.  Inside, light coloured roof timbers sloped up to a flat space at the centre.  On two sides only were large timber-framed windows, whilst smaller ones on the other sides were contained in simple wall-arches.  Despite the octagonal plan, the altar was not central but was placed against the east wall, faced by galleries over the entrance and vestries.

In 2007 the church was closed, despite its comparatively recent date of building, and it was demolished in 2011, to be replaced by flats.

My thanks to Josie Campbell for the photograph


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