Brighton and Hove – St Richard, Hangleton

This sizeable square church in dark brick has for the most part become the centre of the parish of Hangleton, largely replacing the mediaeval church of St Helen.  It was designed by Carden and Godfrey in 1960-61 (Elleray (2004) p26) and has hipped roofs with plain mullioned windows.  The roof forms a pyramid inside, which is boarded and rises to a central lantern.  There is no chancel and the altar stands in a shallow recess.  Flanking the entrance front is a low tower-like structure, also with a roof rather than a spire.  Beneath this is a band of windows like the others, resembling nothing so much as a gazebo.


Font: Large and shallow and made of grey marble.  It was designed and presented by A Carden of Carden and Godfrey (1 p18).
Glass: (North nave window) J Eldridge, 1998 and made by an unspecified firm in Portsmouth ( retrieved on 4/3/2013).


1. C A Laker: A Guide to the Parish of Hangleton and its Churches, nd [c1971]