Crowborough – St Richard

This was originally a utilitarian brick structure with domestic windows, built in 1957 for the outlying district of Alderbrook.  It has subsequently been extended and the long front facing the road has been refaced in darker brick with round-headed windows and a projecting entrance.  Above this there is a cross, which is still the only indication that this is a church.  Inside, there is a shallow sanctuary with a back-lit east window in three parts.  This can be curtained off when the main part of the church is being used for other purposes.


Glass: (East window) Anonymous of 1890 and typical of its date.  It was reset here from Sweethaws chapel (, retrieved on 4/3/2013).  In the process it was apparently reset the wrong way round.

My thanks to Nick Wiseman for the photograph of the east window and information about it