Hastings – St Ethelburga, Filsham Road

Completed in 1929, this is a minimal gothic church, built of brownish brick.  The body of the church has side-windows set in projections with hipped roofs.  The disproportionately low top stage of the substantial tower has bell-openings that are also low.  The corners of this stage are cut away to allow for the curious feature of a pinnacle in each angle, rather than on the top as would be usual.  The interior is also faced in brick with broad arcades and a matching chancel arch.

The architect was J B Mendham (CDG 18 p341).  This is well attested in a near contemporary source, though in old age C F Callow claimed to have done work on the church at an unspecified date.   However, this is doubtful as it would have had to be undertaken quite soon after its building.  Possibly he submitted a design that was not carried out.


1. (East window) Heaton, Butler and Bayne, 1933 (DSGW 1939).
2. (South chapel, east and south windows) P W Cole, 1929 (signed).

My thanks to Nick Wiseman for the photographs

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