Shoreham – St Giles

The small brick church on the Upper Shoreham Road was built in 1906 as the chapel of the workhouse there (VCH 6(1) p137).  This has now become Southlands Hospital, but the chapel became parochial in 1934.  Most of the area it serves was taken from the parish of Kingston Buci, of which it remains part, with other parts taken from Old Shoreham.

No architect is known for sure, but though Elleray’s suggestion ((2004) p49) of L W Ridge is plausible, Clayton and Black would be serious contenders as they had recently finished the workhouse in 1901 (BE(W) p597).  The church consists of an aisleless nave and chancel with a belfry over the east gable. The style is best described as simplified gothic with square-headed side windows and pointed east and west ones.  The main feature of the white-painted interior is the substantial and quite steeply pitched roof.  The quality of the carpentry supports the attribution to  Ridge as architect since he took care over such things.  There is also a chancel arch with a moulded head.


Font: Small plain octagonal and probably contemporary with the church.
Glass: (East window) Mostly plain glass with coloured decoration and religious emblems set in medallions.
Pulpit: Unremarkable save for the fact that the entrance is at the front.

My thanks to Nick Wiseman for the photographs


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